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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding all aspects of lawn care.

How do I get rid of ground ivy or creeping Charlie?
Creeping Charlie can be a real headache to deal with and the question of how to control this common lawn weed comes up a lot.

What is a freedom lawn?
Freedom lawns may include weeds and take no inputs. They are low maintenance and use no water or fertilizer.

When is the best time to aerate my lawn?
Should a lawn be aerated in the spring? Not necessarily.

What is the best shade grass?
Do certain types of grass like shady areas over sun?

What is the best shade grass?
Do certain types of grass like shady areas over sun?

What do I do about a layer of ice on my lawn?
What to do about ice on the lawn. Is ice on the lawn bad? Will ice kill grass?

What's the best way to get rid of leaves?
What to do with leaves. Mulching, raking, and blowing leaves.

Should I get an irrigation system for my lawn? Can I install it myself?
Is an irrigation system worth the money? Does an automatic lawn sprinkler system save money or have any other benefits? Can I install it myself?

Are lawn chemicals harmful to my children and pets?
Are lawn chemicals harmful? It's a subject that can inspire passionate debate with the answer based in perception, safety and awareness.

Grass doesn't seem to grow under my pine trees. What can I do?
Growing grass under pine trees can be difficult. Certain measures can be taken to achieve success, or a mulch bed can be created for ease of maintenance and a clean look.

I'm going on vacation, what should I do about my lawn?
Who's taking care of the lawn while on vacation. How to prepare the lawn so you can go on vacation. What to do to your lawn to avoid coming back to a disaster.

Why does my lawn care company charge so much?
High costs of lawn care companies. Why a lawn care company charges so much. Expensive versus cheap lawn care.

What are these dead spots on the lawn and how do I fix them?
Dead spots on a lawn can be a mystery if you don't know what to look for. Find out how to look for clues to their cause, how to avoid them and how to fix them.

I have dying patches on my lawn with reddish fibers. What is it?
Red thread is common in lawns with low levels of nitrogen. Avoid it by fertilizing with adequate amounts of nitrogen and maintaining a pH of 6.5 - 7.0.

What types of lawn grass are there to choose from?
The basic question of grass type is answered by David Beaulieu, About.com's Guide to Landscaping.

FAQ on Lawn Irrigation Systems
David Beaulieu's FAQ on Lawn Irrigation Systems answers many of the common questions a homeowner may have about a lawn irrigation system. From installation to maintenance and operation.

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