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What is a freedom lawn?


What is a freedom lawn? photo © Kelly Burke
Question: What is a freedom lawn?

A freedom lawn is simply a very low maintenance way to maintain a lawn. Freedom lawns consist of various grasses, broad leaf weeds and basically anything that survives the mowing process.

A freedom lawn is an equal and opposite reaction to high maintenance, high input lawns and involves no inputs like fertilizers or weed killers.

Freedom lawns are made up of a "survival of the the fittest" host of grasses and other plants sometimes referred to as weeds. When mowed high and regularly, a freedom lawn can provide aesthetics similar to lawns with more intense maintenance programs.

Even a freedom lawn could benefit from some compost once in a while though. An unhealthy abundance of certain lawn weeds could deplete the soil of it's nutrients, so topdressing with compost or using a compost tea could prevent the soil from becoming barren.

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