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What's the best way to get rid of leaves?


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Question: What's the best way to get rid of leaves?

Dealing with leaves in your yard will depend upon the size of your yard and the amount of trees on or around the property.

My preferred method is a combination of mulching and raking. Mulch them with your lawn mower as much as possible as they fall. If they become too abundant and won't mulch, rake them into piles and dispose of them.

I advocate the environmentally friendly, people powered method of hand raking. It's a zero emission activity and the exercise is good for you.

Using your mower to mulch them is very effective too. Just be sure that the mulched leaf material left behind is not excessive. It should blend in nicely with the turf and not accumulate so much that the grass suffocates.

Blowers can be effective but too many times I've seen people waste time blowing themselves in circles when a good rake is all they need.

Most leaves can be composted but it's better if they are made smaller first by grinding or mulching. Other amendments will need to be added too, as leaves on their own won't make compost.

If you want the leaves off your property, bag them in biodegradable bags and inquire with your municipality as to disposing of yard waste.

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