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Lawn Care Basics

Overview of turf management. Introductory agronomy, photosynthesis, and grass plant functions. Turfgrass requirements and soil properties and characteristics.
  1. Lawn Equipment and Maintenance (4)

Go easy on the water
Watering the lawn properly is not that difficult but it is often done incorrectly which can be worse for the grass than no water at all.

Winter Lawn Care Woes
Winter conditions can be hard on a lawn. There are ways to minimize the damage but sometimes Mother Nature wins.

5 easy ways to improve your lawn - naturally!
You can improve your lawn in many ways other than buying products. The result is a healthier soil which will in turn nourish a healthy lawn.

I hate my lawn!
Sometimes a lawn simply will not work and it may make sense to explore lawn alternatives.

How a Lawn Care Consultant Can Save Your Lawn
A professional consultant is not just for the corporate workplace. A lawn care consultant can help you go organic or just ease your mind about the actions of your current lawn care service.

Spring Lawn Care Tips - Spring Cleaning
Your guide to spring lawn care routines from starting up the sprinkler system and dethatching to weed control and spring cleaning.

10 Reasons Lawns are Great
Despite the increasing amount of criticism, lawns are good for the environment and important for the human experience, if maintained properly.

Lawn Care for the 21st Century
Increased drought and climate change are changing the face of the American lawn. If we want to enjoy lawns in the future we must be willing to adapt to drier conditions and more natural methods of lawn maintenance.

Lawn Care Myths, Fallacies, and Other Observations
Wading through the misinformation and mistakes to come to a more reasonable form of lawn care. Safe, natural, and healthy.

Lawn Alternatives
Times have changed and a lush, high input lawn may no longer work for people in many parts of the country. Explore the alternatives.

Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is becoming more prevalent, especially in parts of the country with arid climates and water scarcity.

10 Common Lawn Care Mistakes
Every year billions of dollars are spent on lawn care. Keep some of them in your pocket by avoiding some common lawn care mistakes.

A Brief History of Lawn
Origins of the lawn in Europe beginning as a low maintenance grazing pasture and ending up as a high maintenance status symbol.

The Importance of Soil Testing
The importance of soil testing, where to get soil tested. How to take a soil sample.

Growing a Lawn in a Dry Climate
Drought resistant grass species and improved lawn care techniques will help get a lawn through drought conditions and water shortages.

Lawn Grass Central
There are many factors to consider when deciding what lawn grass to use on a yard. These articles are a great resource for determining what is right for you.

Cooperative Extensions
The United States Department of Agriculture - Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Services have offices in every U.S. state and territory.

Preparing for Winter
Winter in the north can be long and harsh. It is important to properly prepare a lawn for winter as well as the tools and equipment used to care for it.

Dealing with Thatch
What is thatch. What to do if you have to much. Different methods of de-thatching.

Lawn Care Conversions and Math
Measurement conversions and general math for lawn care procedures.

Treating Ice on Sidewalks and Driveways
De-icer and ice melt for sidewalks. Natural alternatives to ice melt and de-icers. Treating icy sidewalks and driveways.

When to Call In the Professionals
Circumstances which may require you to call for professional lawn care help. How to best choose a lawn care company.

Do you use a lawn service
Do you use a lawn service or lawn care company For mowing aerating fertilizing

Anything but grass
Explore the many options for a yard other than a grass lawn. Lawn alternatives are numerous and diverse, from untended wildflower meadows to artificial turf.

Lawn Care Controversy
Weed-n-feed, mowing height, and overwatering are three lawn care topics quick to invite controversy, nothing that can't be helped with a little bit of understanding.

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