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11 Essential Tips for Mowing the Lawn

Learn how to mow the lawn like a pro


11 Essential Tips for Mowing the Lawn
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  1. Mow the lawn once a week to encourage vigorous growth except during an extended drought and times of stress.

  2. Remove no more than one-third of the leaf blade to prevent scalping and weak, damaged plants.

  3. Mow the lawn in different directions to prevent wear patterns, encourage upright growth and provide a striping effect.

  4. Establish a height of cut that allows the grass to thrive and store energy and water reserves.

  5. Maintain sharp blades, torn ragged tips turn brown, look unsightly and can be vectors for disease.

  6. Mow when grass is dry to reduce clumping, improve mulching and avoid potentially spreading disease over the lawn.

  7. If clumping occurs, disperse clumps with a rake or blower.

  8. If you prefer to collect your clippings, start a compost pile. Use compost as a lawn top-dressing.

  9. Walk the yard first, pick up any sticks, toys, or debris.

  10. Wear eye protection and sensible shoes. Think safety.

  11. String trim first, mow the lawn in straight lines, then finish with a "clean-up" lap around the border of the turf.

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