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Preventative Maintenance for Lawn Mowers

Routine maintenance will maximize the life and performance of your mower


Preventative Maintenance for Lawn Mowers

Preventative maintenance will extend the life of a mower

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A lawn mower is an expensive investment which, if maintained properly, can last for years and years. You don't have to be a mechanic to perform some basic maintenance. Some rudimentary mower knowledge and a basic tool set is all that is needed for routine maintenance.

Troubleshooting a Gas Mower: Small problems are easily solved with a little bit of troubleshooting. Many scenarios are issues that happen time and time again. Be sure to use elementary troubleshooting techniques to check for the obvious before an expensive trip to the repair shop. Read More...

Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule: Performing the scheduled maintenance is the key to lawn mower longevity. Periodic oil changes, blade sharpening, and lubrication are necessary procedures if you want to get the most out of your mower. Read More...

Changing the Engine Oil: Old, dirty oil can damage the inside of a mower and cause costly breakdowns. Optimize your mower's performance by periodically changing the engine oil. Read More...

Service the Spark Plug: An old spark plug may be dirty, pitted, covered in carbon, or have worn electrodes, resulting in hard starting and poor operation. Keep a clean spark plug for better engine performance. Read More...

Cleaning the Air Filter: Dust and dirt can clog up the air filter and cause engine trouble. Periodic cleaning of the air filter extends engine life and improves the performance of your mower. Read More...

Quick Tip to Avoid Engine Smoke and Dirty Air Filter: Smoke billowing out of the muffler is an unsightly and smelly mess. It can usually be avoided with proper handling of the mower, especially during cleanup or unclogging the discharge area. Read More...

Winterizing a Lawn Mower: Preparations for a cold, snowy winter are not complete without winterizing the lawn mower. If not winterized,impurities settle out of the oil, gas gets old and degrades, and parts can corrode or seize up. Read More...

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