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Lawn Maintenance

Instruction and methodology for maintaining an established lawn. Implementing maintenance practices for watering, seeding, soil and drainage. Preparing lawns for winter.
  1. Seasonal Lawn Care and Maintenance (15)

Over-watering the Lawn
Most lawns with automatic sprinkler systems are over-watered, contributing to an unhealthy lawn susceptible to insects, weeds, and diseases.

Natural, organic spring lawn care
Getting rid of crabgrass naturally is possible with a thorough lawn care program that addresses underlying problems behind failing turf.

Spring lawn care routines
For conventional lawn care, spring is the time for crabgrass prevention. However, pre-emergent crabgrass control comes at the expense of spring seeding so do not try to do both.

How to Water the Lawn
Use proper watering techniques to get the best return on investment for your sprinkler system. Healthier grass and cost savings will result from understanding how to water the grass.

Fine Tuning Your Sprinkler System to More Effectively Water the Lawn
Small repairs, minor adjustments and a some home field knowledge can help towards lowering water bills and creating a thriving, resilient lawn.

Lawn Care and Maintenance
Lawn care and lawn maintenance challenges are overcome with a working knowledge of the techniques and products needed for a successful lawn. Adhering to basic agronomic principles will ensure healthy grass and a lush lawn.

The Importance of Lawn Aeration
Aerating a lawn is the process of breaking up the surface of the lawn to better allow oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate into the root zone.

Mow the Lawn Like a Pro
Mowing the lawn, mowing tips, mowing techniques, safety issues. Types of mowers and mower gallery.

The Basics of Watering Lawn
Exploring lawn water requirements, water supply and usage. How often, when and how to irrigate a lawn. Conserving water.

Sometimes Clumping is Unavoidable
Conditions are rarely perfect and sometimes circumstances demand that we mow the lawn anyway. This may result in clumping.

How to Analyze Your Lawn Profile
How to cut into your lawn and look at the profile of root zone, thatch and grass. What to look for and how to react to the findings.

Reduce Watering in the Fall
Water less in the fall, reduce watering time, decrease frequency of watering.

Tips on Fertilizing Lawns
David Beaulieu, About.com's Guide to Landscaping, offers fertilizing tips based on the popular Scotts 4-Step Program. A basic fertilizer program for easy lawn maintenance from spring to fall.

Fall Lawn Overseeding
Fall is the best time to overseed a lawn or repair thin or bare areas.

Managing a Small Lawn
How to manage a small, urban lawn

Lawn Maintenance Routines
Lawn maintenance is a key factor in a healthy, beautiful lawn. Simply put, a lawn cannot really survive on it's own, it needs your help. It can be as much or as little as desired, the results will be reflected in the lawn.

When to De-thatch a Lawn
Dethatching a lawn removes excess thatch and severs stolons and rhizomes, encouraging new growth

How to Choose a Lawn Care Provider
Do you know what you are being charged for? Do you know what is being done to your lawn? Is it safe, is it what they say it is? Choosing a lawn care company can be daunting, but an educated consumer gets the best service.

Get Lawn Care Help If You Need It - Cooperative extensions & Lawn Care Services
You don't have to do it all on your own. Local universities offer plenty of lawn care information via cooperative extension, a good lawn care service is often worth the cost, and consultants are even available to assist with any aspect of lawn care.

Spring Lawn Care
Spring lawn care tips. Early spring lawn care to get a lawn ready for summer.

Spring is the Best Time to De-thatch a Lawn
De-thatching a lawn removes excess thatch and severs stolons and rhizomes, encouraging new growth.

Help My Lawn! - August Edition
The lawn is brown and dried-up. The only thing green is the crabgrass, which will soon over-take the whole lawn.

Aerating Your Lawn
Aerating you lawn is part of a complete lawn care program. This article from the Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension answers all the basic aerating questions.

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