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Preparing for Winter

Winterize the lawn and lawn equipment before it's too late


Preparing for Winter
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Winter can be a tough time for a lawn. Depending on the location, a lawn may have to endure blizzards, high winds, freezing temperatures, layers of ice, and the dreaded freeze/thaw cycle. Homeowners are generally at the mercy of Mother Nature but there are some ways to help a lawn make it through the winter months. Just as important as the lawn is the preventative maintenance of lawn equipment. Sprinklers systems, mowers, even string trimmers need to be winterized to ensure proper functioning in the spring.

Fall Lawn Care Checklist - To really prepare for winter it is important to perform the proper tasks in the fall. "Putting the lawn to bed" properly is crucial to winter survival and an early spring green-up. Leaves must be cleaned up, tools put away, toys should not be left out on the lawn, and be sure to take advantage of the fall weather to perform tasks like aerating, re-seeding, and sodding. Read more...

Winter Lawn Care Tips - As winter sets in a lawn should be free of leaves, debris, toys and lawn furniture. It should be mowed a little lower than usual to prevent snow mold and care should be taken with regard to how much traffic it receives in the winter months. A winter lawn can get heavy use with snow men, forts or even skating rink installations, just be mindful of the conditions as spring approaches. Try to ensure the snow and ice on the lawn is going away at the same rate as the surrounding areas, if not, it may need a little help. Read more...

Winter Preparation for Lawn Tools - There's a lot to do around the yard before winter sets in. Doing things like putting the mower, trimmer, and hose behind the snow blower, shovel, salt, and other winter paraphernalia can save a headache after the first snow storm. It's a good idea to ensue summer tools are clean, and adequately prepared for winter storage. Fertilizer, grass seed and other products should be kept in a dry place, secure from mice or other rodents. Read more...

Winterizing a Lawn Mower - Once the last of the leaves have been mulched, it's time to winterize and store the mower. Be sure to store it out of the way, where it's dry and free of mice. If possible, cover the mower with a tarp to protect it from dust and debris. Before storing it though, perform a little preventative maintenance on it. An oil change, empty gas, tank, and lubricated crank-case will do wonders for the performance and longevity of the mower. Read more...

How to Winterize a Sprinkler System - In the northern climes blowing out the sprinkler system is a tradition. Air compressors are used to push air through the piping system until only air comes out of the sprinklers. This prevents water from freezing in the pipes causing them to crack or burst. Even if a homeowner doesn't have a sprinkler system, it's important to coil up the hoses and hang in an out of the way location. Lawn sprinklers also need to be free of water and put into storage, and the outdoor hose bib should be drained and dry to prevent freezing and cracking. Read more...

Winterizing a String Trimmer - Any small engine lawn tools should be prepared for winter, including the string trimmer. Gasoline can go bad and harm the engine if it stored over winter, so be sure to run the machine out of fuel in the fall before it gets put away for the season, or add stabilizer to the gas tank. Make sure the trimmer is clean, lubricated, and in good mechanical condition before storing it in a safe, dry location free of rodents.Read more...

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