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Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Be sure to complete the list before winter


Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Rake and mulch leaves as they fall

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Many factors are involved in creating a strong, healthy lawn. Fall lawn care is extremely important if you want a great lawn in the spring. Follow this checklist as part of a sound lawn maintenance program.

  1. Reduce mowing height and begin mulching and raking leaves as they fall.

  2. Reduce mowing frequency as temperatures cool and growth decreases.

  3. Reduce watering frequency.

  4. Apply fertilizer in the early fall/late summer.

  5. Re-seed weak or dead areas.

  6. Monitor for insects and insect damage.

  7. De-thatch/aerate if necessary.

  8. Dormant feed with a slow release nitrogen fertilizer. Late fall fertilization is the most important application of the year.

  9. Winterize mowers, trimmers, and hand tools.

  10. Winterize irrigation system, drain and store hoses and sprinklers.

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