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Jerry's Weed Stick - Weed Sprayer

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The Bottom Line

Jerry's Weed Stick is the ideal spot spray, weed sprayer. Simply mix up a quart of herbicide, pour into reservoir, and spray.

The best feature of Jerry's Weed Stick is it's patented cup shield that allows the user to target individual weeds. This eliminates pesticide use by up to 85% according to the manufacturer.

The cup shield also prevents over-spray which enables more accurate spraying near flowers and other desirable plants.

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  • Cup shield prevents overspray and reduces pesticide use
  • Designed to reduce pesticide exposure
  • Light weight - 4lbs when full
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use


  • Unable to treat large patches of weeds effectively
  • One quart reservoir requires precise calculations to ensure proper rate
  • Somewhat fragile where the two pieces connect, especially when full


  • Dual purpose trigger activated spot sprayer for conservative pesticide use
  • Lightweight, hand held and ergonomic, requiring no bending or stooping
  • Patented cup design surrounding spray nozzle targets the area, while eliminating drift onto desirable plants
  • Used properly, the Weed Stick can reduce pesticide use by up to 85%

Guide Review - Jerry's Weed Stick - Weed Sprayer

Hands down, the best part of Jerry's Weed Stick is the patented cup shield. An upside down cup surrounding the spray nozzle prevents any spray from going where it is not wanted. Weeds can now be individually targeted with herbicide while surrounding plants remain unharmed.

Jerry's Weed Stick is ideal for homeowners with a relatively weed-free lawn that just need occasional spot spraying to keep weeds under control. Normally, a traditional 1-3 gallon sprayer would be used to do the job.

Traditional sprayers are notorious for drifting herbicides into unwanted areas. It is almost impossible to spray weeds adjacent to flower beds and gardens and in most cases, 1-3 gallons of spray mix is too much for the job.

The Weed Stick's 1 quart reservoir can provide up to 450 applications per filling. That treats a lot of weeds, more than I needed. Make sure you have a safe container to store excess spray mix - it is not recommended to store it in the Weed Stick.

The one negative I have is that it is more for spot treating weeds like dandelion or plantain and not so good for large patches of spreading weeds like clover.

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