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Neuton CE 6 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

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The Bottom Line

The Neuton CE 6 battery powered lawn mower is the perfect lawn mower for any home owner. Battery power is not only environmentally friendly but easier to maintain than conventional mowers.

Gone are the days of handling (and spilling) gasoline and oil. No more feverishly yanking on a pull cord. A Neuton battery powered mower is ultra-quiet and user friendly, operating with the push of a button.

Aside from the environmental benefits, the Neuton is truly a quality lawn mower, not a toy. The quality of cut is equal to a conventional lawn mower as is the durability and construction.

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  • Quiet - less than half the noise of gas mower
  • Zero emission mower
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Battery power means less moving parts and no engine maintenance
  • Easy and safe to operate


  • No cons yet after three months of use, four times a week


  • CE 6 has a 19 inch cutting width and is available in a smaller version as the CE 5 with a 15 inch width.
  • Comes with side discharge attachment, mulching attachment and rear bag attachment.
  • Can mow 1/3 (about 15,000 sq. ft.) of an acre on a single charge.
  • Battery is removable for charging and extra batteries available for mowing larger areas.

Guide Review - Neuton CE 6 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

I love this mower, but better yet, my crew loves this mower. They are the ones using it four times a week as a test run for buying more and going completely electric/emission free. While not technically a commercial grade mower, the Neuton is holding it's own alongside more expensive, rugged gas powered mowers.

I've had the Neuton for three months with an extra battery to mow as much area as possible and so far it's doing an excellent job. People constantly ask questions about it and are intrigued and delighted to learn of it's environmental benefits and quiet operation. In fact, Neuton provides small information cards to give to curious passersby.

The Neuton battery lasts as long as it claims and despite the body and blade being rather lightweight, it is a sturdy and solid machine.

This mower does everything I need it to do and that's probably a lot more than a home owner would put it through. It's actually thrilling to think of lawn mowers with no gas, oil, noise, pollution, winterizing, and only minimal maintenance. I would recommend the Neuton to anybody.

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 5 out of 5
Durable, quiet and versatile, Member NGodfriaux

I have had two Neuton lawn mowers (the smaller size cut) and have had excellent luck with them. The first one lasted 7 years even after being flooded out during a hurricane. It continued to work for 2 years after that. I now have a replacement mower and it is perfect for the lawn that I have. I can complete the mowing with a full charge on the existing battery. I highly recommend it.

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