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5 Easy DIY Lawn Care Projects

Why hire someone to do a job when you can do-it-yourself


5 Easy DIY Lawn Care Projects

Laying sod is a great do-it-yourself project

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Lawn care projects need not be thought of as undoable chores relegated to expensive lawn care companies. Many seemingly complicated tasks are really not that difficult with a bit of research and the will to do them. Infrequently used lawn equipment like aerators can easily be rented for a day or two and finding suppliers of sod, compost or topsoil is a Google search away.

Lawn care projects are a great opportunity to get intimate with the lawn. The more you know about the soil in your yard, the microclimates, orientation of the sun and other details within the yard, the easier it is to get in touch with the lawn's strengths and weaknesses. Performing these simple, physically demanding and important tasks will erase the mystery around them and allow a homeowner to achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment about maintaining a healthy, thriving lawn.

Overseeding the Lawn - Overseeding the lawn allows for new grass plants to grow as old plants die off or thin out. It's also a great opportunity to incorporate improved seed varieties into the lawn. The appropriate type of grass as well as new cultivars of grass species can provide better shade tolerance, drought tolerance, and disease and insect resistance. Regular overseeding on a lawn provides a key element for a successful lawn care program. Read more...

Starting Over with Sod - Sometimes the best way to improve a lawn is to just start over with a new surface. A sod project can be a lot of work but provides the instant gratification of new lawn without waiting for seed to germinate and mature. It's not as easy as throwing down an instant lawn though. The surface must be prepared, the sod must be laid correctly, and, most important, the aftercare required to get it established. Read more...

Downsizing the Lawn - Altering the size of a lawn is a great way to reduce water usage, mowing time, fertilizer use and other inputs. Downsizing the lawn is as easy as allowing certain areas of the yard to be grow wild or replanting with perennials or other plant material. It's also an opportunity to expand a vegetable or flower garden, build a patio or even install a pool or other hardscaping. Read more...

Repairing a Bare Patch on the Lawn - An easy, basic lawn care project that will allow all those little bare patches to fill in with seedlings and eventually mature turf, blending in seemlessly with the rest of the lawn. The key to successfully repairing a bare patch is high quality grass seed and rich, healthy compost. Of course it needs to be kept moist too, but good seed and better compost will speed up the process and provide the best results. Read more...

Aerate the Lawn - Aerating the lawn relieves compaction, provides better air, nutrient, and water infiltration and is a great way to incorporate topdressing into the lawn. One of the best things you can do to a lawn is aerate it with a core aerator, overseed, and top dress with compost. The holes provide an ideal seedbed for the grass and the compost fills in the hole incorporating directly into the soil and providing nutrients for the seedlings upon germination. Aerators are commonly rented at your local big box home improvement center. Read more....

Winter Bonus Project!

Build a Backyard Ice Rink - For many up north it wouldn't be winter without skating.Almost every professional hockey player who ever played the game, started on a pond, home-made rink or some other outdoor skating venue. There's no reason to stay cooped up all winter, bundle up and build a backyard ice rink. It's easy and, as long as it's cold enough, will provide hours of family fun - or even help determine if you have the next Wayne Gretzky on your hands. Read more...

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