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How to Care for New Sod

Keep New Sod Thoroughly Watered for Successful Establishment


How to Care for New Sod

Keep Sod Watered and Monitor for Root Growth

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The future of a newly sodded lawn rests in how it's established. Proper watering is crucial at this time.

A new sod lawn should be deeply watered immediately upon completion and kept very moist for at least two weeks.

The sod must not dry out or it will wilt, burn and suffer decreased root growth and diminished turf health and vigor.

Pull up a corner once in a while to ensure the soil underneath the sod is moist and look for new root growth. In a couple of weeks the roots and leaf blades will begin growing and the pieces will knit together.

Ease up on the water once the roots grow about an inch into the soil and it looks just about ready to mow at the desired height.

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