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Winter Preparation for Lawn Tools

Don't trip over lawn tools all winter, put them away


Winter Preparation for Lawn Tools
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After the lawn has been mowed for the last time, the next step is to prepare tools and equipment for winter and store them out of the way. There's no need to be tripping over a mower when you're looking for a snow shovel.

  • Dig out the snow shovels, ice melt, ice chippers, and snow blowers from the back of the shed/garage.
  • Winterize mowers and trimmers and store them out of the way.
  • Store left-over seed and fertilizer in a dry, sealed container. Mice love grass seed.
  • Roll up hoses and hang them out of the way.
  • Close the water valve inside your house that feeds the outside hose bib. Turn on the outside tap to drain it and leave it open for the winter to prevent freezing.
  • Winterize your sprinkler system (if applicable) before the ground freezes.

Having proper closure is the final step in wrapping up a season of lawn care. It is also crucial to starting spring on the right foot. Properly stored tools and equipment will keep it working properly and maximize its life span. Properly stored supplies will avoid spills, and keep pests at bay.

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