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Green Lawn Mowers

Smelly, polluting, gas powered mowers are soon to be a thing of the past


Green Lawn Mowers

Neuton Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Neuton Inc.

Lawn mowers can be green too. Green mowers produce little or no pollution, they are quiet, have few moving parts, require little maintenance, and no gasoline, spark plug, filters, or oil.

Here are some green options when it comes to choosing a lawn mower.

Electric Mowers

While not 100% green (electricity is still commonly generated by coal burning power plants), corded electric mowers have been a quiet, clean alternative to their gas burning cousins for decades. A major drawback is the extension cord which is long, awkward to handle while mowing, and easily severed. Read more...

Battery Powered Mowers

Gaining in popularity, especially with the advent of mower exchange programs where people trade in their gas mowers for rebates towards battery powered mowers. They are quiet, light weight, have few moving parts, and are very low maintenance. Their downside is that batteries eventually die and can be improperly disposed of or hazardous. Read more...

Push-type Reel Mowers

The ultimate green lawn mower, push-type reel mowers are truly zero-emission mowers powered entirely by the operator. If properly used and maintained, a reel mower provides the finest possible cut for the lawn because of the shearing, scissor-like cutting action. Powered reel mowers are used for the precise mowing of golf greens and other fine manicured turf. Their drawback is that for best results the lawn should be free of bumps and dips, mowed regularly and only when dry. Read more...

Green mower technology is rapidly advancing. Electric mowers more frequently draw their power from wind or solar energy and battery technology is already being applied to riding mowers. Some riding mowers and string trimmers are already equipped with cleaner burning propane rather than diesel or gasoline.

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