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Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining your lawn mower is the key to its longevity


Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule
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Lawn mowers can be an expensive purchase, so following the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule is important for the greatest return on your investment. A properly maintained mower ensures that it will operate safely and last for many years to come.

For detailed maintenance schedules always consult your mower's owners manual. Generally a lawn mower maintenance schedule will consist of the following.

    After the first 5 operating hours

  • Change the engine oil.

      Before each use

  • Inspect mower blades for wear or damage.
  • Clean under the mowing housing.

      Every 25 hours

  • Check the blade and engine mounting fasteners, and tighen them if loose.

      Every 50 hours

  • Ensure that the blade stops within 3 seconds after releasing the blade control bar.
  • Lubricate the wheels.
  • Clean the air filter (more frequently in dusty conditions).
  • Change the engine oil (more often in dusty conditions).
  • Clean or replace the spark plug.
  • Check for leaks in the fuel system and/or deteriorating fuel hose. Replace parts if necessary.
  • Replace blade or have it sharpened (more frequently if the edge dulls quickly).

      Every 100 hours

  • Clean the cooling system (refer to owner's manual).

    Refer to owners manual for additional maintenance procedures.

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