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Auto mowers or robotic mowers can be remote controlled or mow within a defined border.
Learn About - Auto-mower
photo © Gerard Delafond/Wikimedia Commons

The future is here with the advent of automated lawn mowers. Images come to mind of a homeowner lazily napping in a hammock while the robot lawn mower dutifully mows the lawn. While the image is not 100% accurate, it's close.

Automated lawn mowers can be remote controlled or mow within a pre-set boundary. The boundary typically consisting of a series of radio antennae that stop the mower from leaving the area. Commercial grade remote control mowers can resemble moon buggies are are used for mowing extremely hard to reach locations.

These types of mowers certainly represent a sort of Utopian future but most are more of a novelty than a solution to all our mowing chores. Supervision is still required, mowing patterns are difficult to achieve, and purchasing a robot will only further aid their inevitable uprising against their creators.

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