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Broadleaf Plantain - Plantago major


Broadleaf Plantain - <i>Plantago major</i>

Broadleaf Plantain

photo © Kelly Burke


Low growing broadleaf weed with oval shaped leaves. Leaves have 3-5 prominent veins and edges become wavy as plant matures. Long spike with small greenish flowers rise from the base before going to seed. See botanical illustration.


Perennial weed, thrives in hot, dry weather when turf is stressed. Grows from a large tap-root in mid-spring and grows all season long. Can tolerate low mowing and heavy soils.

Physical Control:

Encourage conditions favorable for turf growth including proper drainage and fertility. Can be dug out by hand, but entire tap root must be removed for effective control.

Chemical Control:

Spot spray with post-emergent broadleaf herbicide containing triclopyr, clopyralid, or 2,4-D, MCPP, and dicamba.
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