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Types of Grass

Common grasses used in lawns. Warm season and cool season grasses, and transition zone options. Identification and terminology.

The Three Most Common Types of Lawn Grass
The three most planted lawn grasses are Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fescue, but why?

Kentucky bluegrass-Champion of the lawn
Kentucky bluegrass is the most common lawn grass for a variety of good reasons but will it keep its title of most popular.

Perennial ryegrass - A serious lawn contender
Perennial ryegrass is know for speedy germination but it also stands alone as a quality lawn grass.

Choosing the right grass seed
A great lawn must start with the appropriate grass seed for the site. Grass seed should be fresh, and of a high quality using the latest cultivars to aid in drought protection and overall plant health.

Shade Grass
I's not easy to grow grass in the shade but using the right type of grass will go a long way towards successful lawn establishment in the shade.

Drought Tolerant Lawn Grass
Drought tolerant grasses are helpful in areas with limited water. Drought, water restrictions and arid conditions doesn't have to mean no lawn. With new cultivars and species long adapted for drought resistance, it is still possible to have a decent lawn.

Look into fescue! This versatile grass is not just for shade
If you are interested in a low maintenance lawn that requires less mowing, fertilizing and watering, try fescue. This highly adaptable grass has many advantages over traditional lawn grasses with improved varieties becoming more and more available.

All About Lawn Grass Seed
A collection of articles centered around lawn grass seed. Choosing grass, seed germination rates, reviews, and proper establishment methods.

Choosing the Right Grass
Considerations when choosing grass species. Common cool season and warm season grasses and their characteristics.

Lawn Grass Central
There are many factors to consider when choosing what lawn grass to use on a yard and how it will be installed. These articles are a great resource for determining what is right for you.

A Case for Clover
Only since the advent of chemical herbicides has clover been lumped together with common weeds like dandelion and plantain. Prior to World War II, clover was an integral part of the lawn mix.

Grass Seed Germination Rates
Germination rates of common grass seed.

Grass Profiles
Detailed description and photo of common lawn grasses.

Cool Season Grasses
Cool season grasses. Cool season grass attributes, descriptions and growth habits.

Drought Tolerant Grass - Cool Season
Water conservation efforts can be greatly enhanced by choosing the right drought tolerant lawn.

Warm Season Grasses
Warm season grasses. Key attributes to common warm season grasses used on southern lawns.

Drought Tolerant Grass - Warm Season
List and description of drought tolerant, warm season grasses. Drought resistant cultivars.

What's your favorite type of grass?
What's your favorite type of grass?

Lawn Grass Cultivar Selection
An Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet explaining how to select cultivars of grass species. A run-down of the dozens of different cultivars available for common cool season grasses.

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