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Grass Seed Germination Rates


Grass Seed Germination Rates photo © Jamie Burke

Several factors will determine the germination rate of grass seed. Air temperature, soil to seed contact, , presence and consistency of moisture and, age and quality of the seed.

Different types of seed germinate at different times and it's important to take that into consideration when planting. If seed is sown too late in the season, it might germinate but may not survive the winter as a seedling.

The following grass seed germination rates are within a range based on ideal conditions.

Annual ryegrass - 5-10 days

Bahia grass - 14-28 days

Bermuda grass - 10-30 days

Buffalo grass - 14-30 days

Centipede grass - 14-21 days

Hard fescue - 7-14 days

Kentucky bluegrass - 14-30 days

Perennial ryegrass - 5-10 days

Red fescue - 7-14 days

Seashore paspalum - 7-14 days

Tall fescue - 7-12 days

Zoysia grass - 14-21 days

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