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Large crabgrass Digitaria sanguinalis


Large crabgrass <i>Digitaria sanguinalis</i> photo © Rasbak/Wikimedia Commons


Distinct from desirable grasses with its light green color and coarse, hairy leaf blades. Large crabgrass is sometimes referred to as Hairy crabgrass.


A summer annual which dies at the first frost, it grows rapidly all season long. It has a prostrate growth habit and tolerates close mowing.Crabgrass spreads by seed and will thrive in areas with low fertility, thin turf, and poor drainage.

Physical Control:

Encourage thick, vigorous turf. Water deeply, mow high, avoid fertilizing in the summer. Remove weeds by hand with a weed puller tool, hand trowel or other hand tool.

Chemical Control:

Apply pre-emergent herbicide containing pendimethalin, dithiopyr, or organic corn gluten in the spring. Spot spray existing weeds with selective herbicide containing quinclorac.
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