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Spring Cleaning - The Lawn

Another season of lawn care is upon us. There is much to do but don't rush. Follow the cues of nature and don't get swallowed up by the hype of the lawn care industry.

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Time to start up the sprinkler system

Tuesday April 15, 2014

An annual spring chore in northern parts of the continent is starting up the irrigation system. This task is much easier than winterizing the system since an air compressor is not needed, just a working knowledge of the sprinkler system.

Many people have their system charged in the spring as a service package from a lawn company, but it can be done in-house if it can save a few bucks or water is needed sooner than the scheduled start-up date.

When starting your own system up for the first time, be sure to inspect valve boxes for debris and broken parts. Be sure to open a drain or sprinkler to allow an outlet for air as it's replaced by water. Once water is coming out of the drain, close it, and run through the sprinkler stations to ensure proper function. Be sure to inspect for leaks and breaks that may have occurred over the winter.

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Be safe when performing lawn care

Monday March 31, 2014

Safety encompasses all aspects of lawn care whether it's how you handle the products you put on your lawn or who is around when you mow. Mistakes can happen in an instant so be careful and be cognizant of the damage that lawn care equipment can inflict on the operator and bystanders.

Many lawn care accidents are easily preventable with a little common sense and understanding that lawn care chemicals are indeed poisonous and lawn care machinery can kill or maim in an instant. A cautious approach is always preferable when it comes to dangerous lawn care activities.

The worst are lawn mower injuries involving children. Every year children are involved in lawn mower accidents that are often caused by well meaning adults who refuse to acknowledge the dangers of a lawn mower. Children should never be present when a lawn is being mowed and they certainly should not be given rides on mowers while they are operating.

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Spring fertilizer

Monday March 31, 2014

Well, spring seems to finally be here and the annual rush is on. The rush for spring fertilizer, crabgrass prevention, lime, sprinkler systems, it seems to come all at once with a great sense of urgency but don't get caught up in it. It's all hype and there's a multi-billion dollar lawn care industry after your dollar so be aware.

Your first application of fertilizer does not need to happen as soon as the snow is gone or the temperatures are seasonal. There are carbohydrates stored in the root zone and fertilizer lingering in the thatch from your late fall application that provide plenty of nutrition for the lawn in the early spring.

If you follow a solid lawn care program, your lawn should not need a spring fertilizer until mid-late spring.

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Go easy on the water this year

Wednesday March 26, 2014

If you are fortunate enough to have a sprinkler system, be careful not to over-do it on the watering. Overwatering is one of the biggest reasons for an unhealthy, failing lawn. An over-watered lawn has a stunted, under-developed root system making it ill prepared to handle summer stresses like drought or insect and weed pressure. Ironic isn't it? Spending thousands of dollars on a sprinkler system to better your lawn just to over-do it and harm the lawn.

Supplemental watering is a valuable tool and can help a lawn go from good to great but only if it used properly. Many lawns don't even require supplemental water until the heat of the summer, think July or August. Another irony I guess. Spending thousands of dollars on a sprinkler system only to use it for a couple of months in the summer. That's lawn care for you.

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