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Spring Cleaning - The Lawn

Another season of lawn care is upon us. There is much to do but don't rush. Follow the cues of nature and don't get swallowed up by the hype of the lawn care industry.

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Watch out for greenwashing

Monday April 21, 2014

The "green" revolution is a wonderful thing. A bold step forward for the sake of humanity and the future. With so many products going natural, organic, and sustainable though, it can become difficult to decipher what's what. Is that product really green, or is the label referring simply to a color? Be on the lookout for greenwashing.

The word green is turning into an overused buzzword divorced from its new meaning and even farther removed from the original green industry of lawn care, golf courses and the like . Organic-based, natural, sustainable, local - these are all buzzwords marketers and advertisers are eager to have their products associated with. Marketing departments get paid big bucks to design earthy logos with leaves and natural imagery to go alongside the buzzwords, soon a brand is built. Green, safer, and environmentally friendly, but is the corporate image accurate?

Often times the word green is only referencing a color and natural may be true but just because something is natural, does not make it safe. The whole concept of greenwashing puts a confusing and dishonest sheen on a positive movement that could really make an impact - as long as the hucksters don't ruin it.

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Get your soil tested this spring

Friday April 18, 2014

It's the same thing every year. Spring arrives and everyone's raring to get going on their lawn, but do you know what's in your soil? Do you know the pH of your soil? Have you had your soil tested in the last three years?

Soil is the key ingredient in a healthy lawn. Knowing what makes up your soil will help guide you in your fertility program or let you know if you need to add lime. If you refuse to become acquainted with your soil, there's not much hope for your grass. Soil is that important.

So don't delay, take some soil samples from around the yard, send it to your local cooperative extension for testing, and get to know your soil.

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Time to start up the sprinkler system

Tuesday April 15, 2014

An annual spring chore in northern parts of the continent is starting up the irrigation system. This task is much easier than winterizing the system since an air compressor is not needed, just a working knowledge of the sprinkler system.

Many people have their system charged in the spring as a service package from a lawn company, but it can be done in-house if it can save a few bucks or water is needed sooner than the scheduled start-up date.

When starting your own system up for the first time, be sure to inspect valve boxes for debris and broken parts. Be sure to open a drain or sprinkler to allow an outlet for air as it's replaced by water. Once water is coming out of the drain, close it, and run through the sprinkler stations to ensure proper function. Be sure to inspect for leaks and breaks that may have occurred over the winter.

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Be safe when performing lawn care

Monday March 31, 2014

Safety encompasses all aspects of lawn care whether it's how you handle the products you put on your lawn or who is around when you mow. Mistakes can happen in an instant so be careful and be cognizant of the damage that lawn care equipment can inflict on the operator and bystanders.

Many lawn care accidents are easily preventable with a little common sense and understanding that lawn care chemicals are indeed poisonous and lawn care machinery can kill or maim in an instant. A cautious approach is always preferable when it comes to dangerous lawn care activities.

The worst are lawn mower injuries involving children. Every year children are involved in lawn mower accidents that are often caused by well meaning adults who refuse to acknowledge the dangers of a lawn mower. Children should never be present when a lawn is being mowed and they certainly should not be given rides on mowers while they are operating.

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