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Lawn Care Techniques

Ideas, instruction and methodology behind various lawn care techniques including mowing, edging, sodding and fertilizing.
  1. Lawn Care Tips and Tricks (12)

Safe Lawn Care Practices
Safety should be paramount when it comes to lawn care. Whether using mowers, trimmers, or pesticides the chance for injury is too great to be ignored.

Start your lawn off right this spring
Spring is the time for crabgrass prevention, fertilizing, and de-thatching. Whether your methods are natural or conventional, be sure things are done at the right time and in the right order to ensure success.

Lawn care during times of drought
Tips and tricks for getting your lawn through watering restrictions, lack of rainfall, and drought.

Mulch Grass Clippings Back into the Lawn
Mulching grass clippings back into the lawn is an economical and beneficial way to get rid of what was previously thought of as waste. Recycling clippings into the lawn not only saves time, money, and resources but also adds valuable nitrogen to the soil.

Late Summer Lawn Decline
Sticking to a solid lawn care program is the key to making through a summer of extreme weather. Drought, heat and humidity can ruin a long unless proper routines are established.

Controversial Weed-N-Feed
Weed-n-feed has been outlawed in Canada. Why is it so controversial and what are the alternatives?

Growing a Lawn in a Dry Climate
Drought tolerant grasses and improved lawn care strategies will help get a lawn through drought conditions and watering restrictions.

Green Lawn Care
Join the green revolution with green lawn care techniques.

Cultural Practices for the Lawn
A collection of articles related to cultural practices or maintenance procedures of the lawn which, when performed, will lead to a healthy, thriving lawn.

How to Manage Lawn in a Drought
Manage a drought stricken lawn by creating healthy turf, using water management, proper cultural practices and drought tolerant grasses.

Dealing with Summer Heat
Summer heat stress can be a problem come July and August. Extended periods of heat and humidity, bright sunshine, warm nights, with no rain can add up to trouble.

Topdressing the lawn
Topdressing a lawn is one of the most beneficial tasks one can do for their lawn. Using compost as topdressing material allows for an extended, natural feeding as well as the addition of millions of beneficial microorganisms.

Height of Cut
One of the most important aspects of lawn care is mowing height.

Fertilizing Tip - Water-in Fertilizer with Rain
Watering in fertilizer with rain. Timing fertilizing with rainfall. How much to water in fertilizer.

Care of a Low Maintenance Lawn
A low maintenance lawn won't have the perfect appearance of a highly manicured lawn, but what's lost in appearance is made up for in time and money saved.

Striping the Lawn
What makes striping on a lawn. How it is achieved professionally. Can it be done at home?

Lawn Spreader Calibration
If you have an old spreader and are unsure about it's settings, calibrate it. It's important to know how much of a product you're putting out to avoid over or under applying. This article from the University of Rhode Island-Landscape Horticulture Program explains how to calibrate a basic drop spreader.

Lawn Clippings
What's the best way to deal with lawn clippings? It's up to you.

How to fertilize the lawn
What is the square footage of your lawn? How much fertilizer does it take to feed the lawn? What spreader do you use? Is it calibrated properly? There are many variables when it comes to fertilizing your lawn properly.

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