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Green Lawn Care

Go "green" by maintaining your lawn in an environmentally friendly manner


Green Lawn Care
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Going green is a big deal lately whether it's cleaning products, sources of energy, or vehicle choice. Why not start in your own yard by being conscious of how your lawn is maintained? It may be time to wean it off of it's chemical dependencies and work towards a healthier, safer, greener lawn.

How to Care for a Low Maintenance Lawn: A "green" lawn doesn't have to be a lot of work, in fact it can be easier to maintain a decent looking low maintenance lawn than a conventional lawn. The results can range from the slightly weed infested look of a Freedom Lawn to a well kept, smartly maintained low maintenance lawn. Read more...

5 Great Lawn Care Habits: Anyone can maintain a "green" lawn using these five simple tips. These are great baby steps to begin the process of breaking your lawn's dependency on lawn chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Start slow and easy, then let the soil take over the feeding and strengthening of the lawn. Read more...

Green Mowers: On the path to green living why not mow the lawn in an environmentally friendly fashion? Lawn mowers are among the greatest contributors of CO2 to the atmosphere and lately their pollutants are being included in the carbon footprint of lawn care. There are more options than ever when it comes to zero emission lawn mowers. Read more...

Organic Weed Control: The largest segment (and potentially most harmful) of lawn chemicals are herbicides. Organic weed control techniques will end the input of dangerous chemicals into the environment and deliver results comparable to conventional weed control methods. There is no magic bullet though and organic weed control is a more holistic approach to weed problems rather than just spraying them with herbicides. Read more...

How to Manage a Lawn in a Drought: Even if your area of the country is not in a drought, these maintenance techniques will offer a greener alternative to conventional lawn care. Training your lawn to thrive in a drought also encourages the optimum health of the grass plant. Ideally grass will be on the thirsty side always growing it's roots deeper in search of water. Deep rooted turf is more resilient and able to withstand stress. Read more...

Introduction to Integrated Pest Management: The backbone to responsible lawn care is integrated pest management or IPM. It's not as complicated as it sounds and it really is a smarter way to manage pests rather than using pesticides at the first sign of a problem. Read more...

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