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20095-Electric Start Toro Lawn Mower Review

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20095-Electric Start Toro Lawn Mower Review photo © The Toro Company

The Bottom Line

This mower should meet the demands of any homeowner and could even keep up with commercial wear and tear. Toro's Personal Pace® system is an amazing advance in self propelled mowers adjusting to the users walking pace. Walk faster or go up a hill and the mower works a little harder so you don't have to. The option to bag, mulch or use the side discharge is the best of all worlds. This model has all the extras so it is pricier than other models, but it's the little extras that make this mower great, not just good.
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  • Intuitive, self propel system makes for easy mowing
  • Electric, key start means no pulling on a cord
  • Versatile with mulching, bagging, or side discharge capability
  • Washout port for easy cleaning


  • All the extras make the mower a little pricey


  • MSRP $629.00
  • Self propelled with Toro's Personal Pace® system - automatically adjusts to your walking speed
  • Briggs & Stratton® Engine with ReadyStart™ - No Prime/No Choke
  • 3-in-1: Bag, Mulch, Side Discharge
  • Key-Lectric® Start
  • 5 year full warranty

Guide Review - 20095-Electric Start Toro Lawn Mower Review

The 20095-Electric Start by Toro is an all purpose, 21 inch, gas powered mower ideal for all lawns but perfect for hills, slopes, and larger yards.

The Personal Pace® self propel system adjusts to the operator's walking speed so when faced with an incline, the system works harder making normally difficult mowing situations much easier. I've been behind mowers my whole career and this self propel system is the best, most intuitive, I have ever used.

Another great feature is an electric, key-start. The Key-Lectric® start is powered by a small rechargeable battery, backed up by a traditional pull-start - with a five year "Guaranteed-to-Start" warranty. The convenience of this feature is reflected in the price, but it's worth it if you're tired of yanking on a rope to start a mower.

The Briggs & Stratton engine comes with a five year full warranty and is plenty powerful, easily mowing large slopes and hillsides.

I thoroughly enjoy this mower. It's features are labor-saving, innovative, and a little luxurious. It's main use is around ponds with steep banks so the self propel eases the burden tremendously. The electric key-start is more icing on the cake of a mower that is near perfect already.

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