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Grass Stitcher Lawn Repair Tool

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The Bottom Line

The Grass Stitcher is a new lawn repair tool with a familiar look. The obvious comparisons to similar looking garden cultivators end as soon as the Grass Stitcher is put to work.

While cultivators till the soil by design, the Grass Stitcher actually prepares a seed bed ideal for sowing grass seed. Seed, water and starter fertilizer are the only other components needed.

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  • Easy to use, requires little effort
  • Creates perforations ideal for seed growth
  • Durable, well built
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • At around $100, it's a little pricey


  • Lightweight aluminum construction with heavy duty welds, built like a commercial grade tool
  • Angled shaft, adjustable handle, and foot pad ensure proper ergonomics and ease of use in any soil type
  • Additional head can be added for large repairs
  • Tines made of durable, hard plastic, guaranteed not to break

Guide Review - Grass Stitcher Lawn Repair Tool

I’ve been using a garden cultivator to make small lawn repairs for years with limited success, so it was exciting to see the idea re-worked into a specialized lawn repair tool. Garden cultivators break up the surface of the soil but do little else to prepare a seed bed for sowing grass – and why should it, it’s a garden cultivator after all. The grass stitcher is a completely different tool for a very specialized job.

Grass seed requires specific conditions for proper germination; adequate depth, soil to seed contact, and adequate moisture. The grass stitcher’s tines provide the proper depth by creating a perforation surrounded by the disturbed soil. Once the seed is sown, a light watering moves the soil into place over the seed ensuring adequate soil to seed contact and protecting the seed from drying out.

I used the Grass Stitcher on various spots on my lawn, some spots were from neighborhood dogs relieving themselves and others were from a high traffic area where my family walks across the lawn to get to the car. Within a week I had germination and the spots quickly filled in giving my lawn a more uniform look.

Repairing bare and thin areas, and staying on top of them is an effective way to keep a lawn competitive in the battle against weeds, especially crabgrass. An aggressive campaign of seeding can be as effective (and safer) than chemical crabgrass controls.

As an aside from the mandatory con, which I indicated as the $100 price tag, the grass stitcher will pay for itself over time as you eliminate the need for sod, topsoil, seeding machines, and labor.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
The Grass Stitcher Is An Impressive Lawn Tool, Member ScottMcElroy

I was reluctant to spend $100 for this tool, but I finally bit the bullet and I'm really glad I did. When I first opened the box I noticed that the Grass Stitcher is more heavy duty than I was expecting. It's light weight but the material is heavy gauge with substantial welds at joints and pretty nice paint job too. Assembly is a breeze and helped me further appreciate the thought and planning that went into the development of the Grass Stitcher. Using the Grass Stitcher is also pretty easy. At 62 I can feel the yard work I do for days afterward. The Grass Stitcher enables me to use stronger leg muscles to do the work and get great performance. I've tried lots of other tools I already had in the shed to try and over seed or repair patches . * My cultivator is designed to tear up what ever it rolls over - it's great for weeding a flower bed but not for over seeding because it rips out existing grass I want to keep. * I thought I could use a garden rake and drag some small furrows in the soil to plant seed. It doesn't work that way. I can't get enough downward pressure to make meaningful furrows and when it does manage to sink in, it pulls up big wads of turf along with it. * For small patch jobs, I've dug out the spot, loosed the soil, replaced the soil, seeded, mulched and watered. It works OK, but at what cost? I end up hauling out a bunch of tools, the wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, bag of mulch and it seems to take forever. The Grass Stitcher makes it easy. I simply work the Grass Stitcher over the area to repair. It makes uniform sized holes in the turf with little piles of soil next to each one. The holes are the prefect size 'to catch' the seed when I spread it, and the little piles of soil settle right back into the hole, covering the seed. This works especially well in areas that have some grass already that I want to save - I just want to thicken it up. The Grass Stitcher doesn't damage the existing grass at all. When I think of the time and money this single tool is going to save me, I just wish I had found it sooner. If you take pride in your lawn, or would like to - you should get one of these.

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