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PivoTrim and PivoTrim PRO String Trimmer Heads

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The Bottom Line

While not perfect, PivoTrim brings a simplicity to string trimmer heads that has been sorely missing for a long time. PivoTrim triumphs over conventional trimmer heads by eliminating spools of twine, user frustration and the down-time associated with old fashioned string trimmer heads.

The PivoTrim's unique pivot design allows it to trim easily around chain link, concrete and rocks. It's also more forgiving and provides better control around trees and wood fencing.

The result is increased productivity, longer lasting twine, and an ease of operation not usually associated with string trimmers.

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  • Easy to load and install
  • Line lasts longer
  • Trims easily around chain link, concrete and rocks
  • Better control around trees and wood fencing


  • Pivot action reduces cutting power


  • No more giant lengths of twine and winding spools. PivoTrim loads in seconds with four folded lines.
  • PivoTrim's patented pivot design allows line to absorb shock - reducing wear and virtually eliminating broken lines.
  • Attaches easily to 99% of gas trimmers, straight or curved shaft. Uses standard .095" trimmer line.

Guide Review - PivoTrim and PivoTrim PRO String Trimmer Heads

As a life long user of string trimmers, when it comes to trimmer heads, I know frustration. I've spent countless hours as a hapless kid somewhere on the back nine fumbling with trimmer heads, and as a supervisor, watching the down-time created by employees experiencing the same frustration.

During my review time, I experienced a tremendous reduction in trimmer line usage and increased productivity due to less time messing with loading string.

My one complaint would be that the very feature that makes the PivoTrim unique and simple, also seems to cause a reduction in cutting power. On traditional trimmer heads, strings exit the head at a fixed point, causing them to wear quickly but also creating maximum cutting power. The pivoting action of the strings on the PivoTrim reduces line wear but also seems to lose some cutting power in the process.

The PivoTrim PRO is PivoTrim's commercial grade cousin. A little heavier duty and featuring larger pivot posts. There seems to be less loss of cutting power with the PivoTrim PRO perhaps due to the increased weight.

Despite it's shortcomings, PivoTrim more than makes up for them with its easy to load design and time saved as a result.

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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Pivo trim no no no!!, Member fatsoma

Too many lines, it over loads drive shaft, bearings ,clutch and motor. Does not centre properly on a 8 mm shaft, not on straight shaft machine either, the location flange is missing. This is important at 8000RPM. On many machines it mounts so the line is below the protection guard ( dangerous). The line doesn't last and maybe there is a reason that trimmer heads are round and not like this one. 90 days guarantee is a poor. Sorry not for me.

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