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How to Lay Sod

Know the basics to ensure sod survival


How to Lay Sod

Properly laid sod

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Laying sod is easy. Unfortunately, laying sod wrong is easy too. There are a few basic tips that, when followed, will ensure survival of the sod resulting in a lush, thriving lawn.

  • Prepare the ground properly for best results.
  • Fresh sod is best. The longer it's been sitting the more time it's had to dry out and begin to die.

  • A starter fertilizer could be applied to aid in establishment, but is not necessary especially if the soil is rich in organic matter.

  • Lay a single, straight line as a guide and work from there.

  • When starting a new row, make sure the pieces are staggered so that the seams don't line up with the previous row.

  • Trim around obstacles with a sharp knife (carpet/lino knife works great)

Once the sod is in place, water it deeply. Keeping it moist is the most crucial part of caring for new sod.

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