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Lawn Mower Maintenance - Cleaning the Air Filter

Periodic cleaning of the air filter improves the performance of your mower


Lawn Mower Maintenance - Cleaning the Air Filter
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Cleaning the air filter is some simple lawn mower maintenance that will improve performance and extend the life of your mower. Clean the foam pre-cleaner every 25 operating hours. Replace the paper air filter once per season or after 300 hours of operation. In dusty conditions, more frequent cleaning and replacement may be necessary.

As per owner's manual

  1. Stop engine and wait for all moving parts to stop.
  2. Disconnect spark plug wire.
  3. Remove air filter cover
  4. Clean foam pre-cleaner with compressed air or rinse with water, cleaner, diesel or gas and dry.
  5. Remove old paper filter and discard.
  6. Insert new air filter.
  7. Replace air filter cover.
  8. Re-connect spark plug wire

Do not operate mower without air filter or pre-cleaner as serious engine damage can occur.

Do not try to clean paper filter. Replace with a new one.

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